What Happens at my First visit?

Uncertainty and surprises are two reasons why most people may be a little anxious when coming to a new health care provider.  We want you to feel relaxed and confident when you come to Lighthouse Chiropractic, below we have listed what to expect when you come in for your initial consultation and exam.

  • At the reception area you will be greeted by name and with a smile!

  • Please have your ID/Insurance card with you and your paperwork filled out completely, as that will save you time! We will gladly verify your insurance for any benefits/coverage you may have.

  • You will be given an office tour so that you feel comfortable and understand the process here at Lighthouse Chiropractic

  • The consultation will be the first time you get to speak with the doctor face to face. You will discuss the reason(s) for coming to our office including how your life is being negatively affected. This is a crucial part of the initial visit since almost everyone deals with aches and pains or feeling down from time to time, it is when these things affect our day-to-day lives that we search for help.

  • In our office we utilize state of the art diagnostic equipment to determine where the problem is.

    • Every patient is given their own individual CORE Score which is determined by the following three tests

      • Spinal Thermography Scan

      • Surface Electromyography (SEMG)

      • Heart Variability Scan (HRV)

    • Digital Postural Evaluation – Posture is not only a key factor in determining dysfunction, it has an extreme effect on the overall health and function of the neurological system

  • Digital Chiropractic X-rays will be taken if necessary. This will allow the doctor to analyze the spine for structural misalignment and determine the patient’s current stage of spinal degeneration.

  • Your First Adjustment – For those of you who have been adjusted before or those who have not, we treat everyone the same for their first adjustment at Lighthouse Chiropractic. Before getting adjusted the doctor will explain everything that is going to occur and verify that you are as comfortable as possible. The doctors are trained in various techniques of adjusting styles to get the best results for each individual. If you prefer getting adjusted one method or position to another, please let the doctors know. Your comfort and happiness under care here at Lighthouse Chiropractic is our highest priority.

What Technology do you use?

In our office, we utilize the INSIGHTTM Subluxation Station, Nasa-Certified technology, to evaluate every one of our patients. With it, we can establish a reliable, scientifically valid, quantitative, multidimensional representation of each patient’s condition.  It enables us to analyze a patient’s condition more accurately while also communicating findings more effectively.  It enables both the doctors and patients to track the effectiveness of treatment.  It helps patients understand the underlying principles of chiropractic and appreciate the wellness benefits of long term treatment beyond simple symptom relief.

What is a Core Score?

The Insight provides you a comprehensive picture of your neurospinal health with the CORE Score.  These features are exclusive to the Insight technology and represents one of the biggest breakthroughs in chiropractic assessment in the past 20 years. With the ability to consolidate the Big 3 (sEMG, Thermal and HRV) or all 5 tests (adding the wROM and Algomentry) into a single overall impression, our office can make more accurate care recommendations and have better clarity regarding patient outcomes.

What is a Thermal Scan?

The neuroTHERMAL Scanner measures paraspinal temperature differential. A significant difference in the temperature on each side of the spine could indicate a lack of autonomic responsiveness, an important indicator that something could be wrong with one or more organs.

How does the neuroTHERMAL™ Scanner function? 

The Insight neuroTHERMAL™ Scanner is a rolling segmental thermal scanner that uses infrared sensors to take temperature readings. This innovative piece of chiropractic equipment was designed to evaluate autonomic nerve function. It uses normative comparison and reporting based on data from the Journal of Neurosurgery. The neuroTHERMAL™ Scanner presents an opportunity to establish a baseline for temperature differentials that can be referred to throughout the course of care. From here, we can help patients identify signs of progress and gauge where there is room for improvement on the path to greater wellness. In addition, the neuroTHERMAL™ Scanner has an adjustable sensor array. This patented breakthrough lets us take readings from any sized spine whether it be newborn, infant, child or adult.

What is Static and Dynamic Surface Electromyography (sEMG) ? 

Static and Dynamic Surface Electromyography (sEMG) is an essential part of our Insight system, providing a major piece of the puzzle of general well-being by assessing paraspinal tension.

What is sEMG and how can it support your care?

This technology reads electrical activity (action potential) to measure paraspinal tension, similar to the use of electromyography in EKG/heart rate measurement machines.

The electric current pattern is a critical component in how your body functions. The muscles on either side of your spine should be balanced: if they are not working equally well, the body is forced to compensate, which takes energy. This imbalance can be monitored by sEMG technology. Alterations in electrical activity in the paraspinal muscles can shed light on the muscular changes linked to vertebral subluxations. As such, we can use sEMG to establish a baseline for paraspinal electrical activity.

In contrast to EKG/heart rate monitors, the sEMG used within CLA’s Insight technology has sensors that are 1,000 times more sensitive. This enables them to read the electrical activity of paraspinal muscles, which is much weaker than that of the heart. The sensitivity and accuracy of the Insight technology is unsurpassed.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV)?

As a part of the Space Foundation-certified INSiGHT™ stress analysis system, the neuroPULSE™ helps us assess and monitor the impact of stress on patients through Heart Rate Variability (HRV) readings.

What is HRV and how does it affect well-being?

HRV refers to the beat-to-beat variability of the heart, and provides incredible insight into autonomic nervous system function. Though it may seem counterintuitive, a higher HRV is actually a good thing: it means that there is a greater variability in the time between heart beats so this organ is better able to respond to stress, sickness or physical activity.  The more adaptable a patient’s heart, the less damage any stress-related spikes will be for overall health and well-being. With the neuroPULSE™, we can establish a baseline HRV for each patient. This provides a concrete starting point to track a patient’s progress as they work toward wellness.


What data is collected from a PWP scan?

During a scan, the neuroPULSE™ collects data on the Instantaneous Heart Rate (IHR) throughout the unattended, 5-minute scanning period. This information is used to determine the variability in heart rate, and is presented in an easy-to-interpret graph. Any unexpected variances in nervous system stimulation are measured as Skin Conductance Response values.

Once this data is collected, the Insight software calculates the HRV measurements to assess the state of the autonomous nervous system (ANS). This screen compares the two branches of the ANS: parasympathetic versus sympathetic responses. The neuroPULSE™ can reveal if these branches are balanced (as they should be), or if one component is stronger.

What happens at my second visit?

Doctors Report – At this time the doctor will recap what was discussed on the initial visit to ensure all pertinent information was gathered and that the information was accurate to your concerns.  The doctor will explain the results of your scans, tests, CORE Score and x-rays. The doctor will then explain his/her recommendations, your personalized care plan and payment options.