3 Natural Remedies That Helps With Ear Infection

Otitis Media or middle ear infection can be frustrating to handle. It is becoming an epidemic! I’m a mother of two and I have experienced it already, I can tell you how it feels, and that you are not alone. I have never use antibiotics to treat an ear infection. This article will explain some anatomy, and natural ways to aid during the infection.

 Antibiotics are NOT the solution and in fact, it helps less than 10% of the time. Why? In most cases the ear infection is due to a virus and not a bacteria, hence, treating such infections with antibiotics is an exercise in futility.

Some studies have shown that for each antibiotic given to a child in the first year of life, increases their risk of asthma and allergies 2 to 4 times more than without antibiotics. It also increases the risk of recurrence. Side-effects include: diarrhea, stomach aches, allergic reactions, GI upset, destruction of the gut’s intestinal flora leading to yeast proliferation and antibiotic resistance.

Research shows that 85% of kids have at least one ear infection before the age of 3, also it is the most common reason why kids visit the pediatrician, the most common cause parent miss work, and the most common reason of prescription of antibiotics.

 The other allopathic route is ear tubes surgery, that is, piercing the tympanic membrane and insert tubes to aid in drainage. Tubes in the ears have a 98% recurrence of infection within two months while 25% of those with tubes suffer from hearing loss years later. Isn’t that crazy?

 Misalignment of the cervical spine, food allergies, teething can be the cause for an ear infection. Sometimes fluid does not drain well because of the anatomy of the Eustachian tube. Kids Eustachian canal are horizontal, preventing the fluid to drain back to the throat and get flushed out the body. 

Here are some ways you can help your kids:

Chiropractic care: Chiropractor will check your baby spine giving special attention to the neck to make sure it is in alignment and moving properly. The ear is innervated by nerves that comes off the upper cervical region, and it is surrounded by muscles the aids in hearing and pumping the wastes. A nervous system free of subluxations will work 100x better to fight any infection and improve the overall function of your body.

Garlic oil; Lavender oil; Tea tree oil with coconut oil: These oils are naturally antimicrobial, antiviral and antibacterial, making it beneficial for helping the body fight many types of infections. I mix tea tree oil with coconut oil and apply it outside the ear. Then put 3 drops of lavender oil and garlic oil in a sterile gauze and put it inside the ear.

Colloidal Silver Drops: This works as an antibacterial and antiviral, anti-inflammatory. Two drops in the affected ear 2 times daily.

Determining the true cause of the ear infection can help you cure the problem naturally. Sometimes, ear infections can be caused by allergies. Being sensitive to certain foods is another reason for ear infections. Understanding that food sensitivity or allergies are causing ear infections can help you naturally treat the ear infection by eliminating the foods that caused the problem in the first place.

Other than these three very effective natural remedies for ear infection, it also makes sense to drink a lot of water. Doing so means that the water will help to clear away the mucus and in this way, it will help you naturally treat your ear infection. Also, at the same time, it makes sense to avoid food allergens, conventional dairy as well as sugar. Understanding the root cause of the problem will help you determine which natural remedy is most likely to help you overcome your ear infection.

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