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Uncertainty and surprises are two reasons why most people may be a little anxious when coming to a new health care provider.  We want you to feel relaxed and confident when you come to Lighthouse Chiropractic, below we have listed what to expect when you come in for your initial consultation and exam.

  • At the reception area you will be greeted with a smile!

  • Please have your ID/Insurance card with you and your paperwork filled out completely, as that will save you time! We will gladly verify your insurance for any benefits/coverage you may have.

  • The consultation will be the first time you get to speak with the doctor face to face. You will discuss the reason(s) for coming to our office including how your life is being negatively affected. This is a crucial part of the initial visit since almost everyone deals with aches and pains or feeling down from time to time, it is when these things affect our day-to-day lives that we search for help.

  • In our office we utilize state of the art diagnostic equipment to determine where the problem is.

    • Every patient is given their own individual CORE Score which is determined by the following three tests

      • Spinal Thermography Scan

      • Surface Electromyography (SEMG)

      • Heart Variability Scan (HRV)

  • Digital Chiropractic X-rays will be taken if necessary. This will allow the doctor to analyze the spine for structural misalignment and determine the patient’s current stage of spinal degeneration. This also allows the doctors to rule out any abnormalities or underlying issues you may not have known about.

  • Your First Adjustment – Before getting adjusted, the doctor will explain everything that is going to occur and verify that you are as comfortable as possible. The doctors are trained in various techniques of adjusting styles to get the best results for each individual. If you prefer getting adjusted one method or position to another, please let the doctors know. Your comfort and happiness under care here at Lighthouse Chiropractic is our highest priority.


Doctors Report – At this time the doctor will recap what was discussed on the initial visit to ensure all pertinent information was gathered and that the information was accurate to your concerns.  The doctor will explain the results of your scans, tests, CORE Score and x-rays. The doctor will then explain his/her recommendations, your personalized care plan and payment options.


The staff at Lighthouse Chiropractic is happy to check your insurance to see what Chiropractic benefits may apply.


For those without insurance we offer affordable cash rates which can be a care plan, a per visit basis or special monthly packages.


Lighthouse offers Care Credit. This is a healthcare-specific line of credit you may use at all participating healthcare providers. This financing option offers 6 months no interest financing. Should a patient choose this option our office manager will help you qualify. The process takes only minutes, and you can utilize your line of credit that very day.

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