Acute, Corrective,& Wellness Care

At Lighthouse Chiropractic, the doctors understand that your main priority as a patient is relief care; to get out of pain. Although common, pain is not normal and doesn’t need to be “accepted.” Pain is the body trying to communicate a deeper, underlying issue. The doctors at Lighthouse Chiropractic make it a priority to correct the root cause of the problem that is causing you pain, helping you get back to your normal self and support you on your journey to true, pain-free health. The phases of care at our office are: relief care, corrective care, and wellness care.

Babies & Kids

After pregnancy babies and kids are the most valuable gift. At Lighthouse Chiropractic we understand that your priority is to maintain your little one as healthy as possible. We offer a safe and holistic way to correct the cause of many symptoms. We will make sure that your little one feels happy and comfortable from beginning to end!



Congratulations on one the most beautiful stages of life! We are here to support your pregnancy journey, and post-partum healing. Your body is changing everyday until the delivery date, and sometimes these changes leave you feeling uncomfortable and in pain. Our job as chiropractors is to identify when neurological interference is present and maintain your spine with proper alignment, for the better function of your body and the little one soon to come. This will aid the body with its natural ability of self-healing, self-maintaining and self-regulating.